Jn wine breakout guidelines IV

J is for JN Wine — Andy Henry Studio A-Z

While going through my project archive, I realised that I’ve got a favourite project for every letter of the alphabet.

James Nicholson and his team have been at the forefront of wine culture in the UK and Ireland for over 40 years. I had the pleasure of working with the JN Wine team to combine a user experience exercise with a brand refresh.

Recreating the hospitality, warmth, helpful assistance and insight of the in-store experience was an essential part of representing JN Wine online.

Our ‘Wine with me’ concept likened the brand’s tone of voice to an open invite at a dinner table of family and friends.

Our brand definition exercise positioned JN Wine as hospitable, friendly experts who have a wine to match every occasion, taste or personality.

Rogue name and logo variations were consolidated as the updated ‘JN’ monogram. The ‘JN’ initials were expanded to form the ‘JN WINE’ wordmark.

The colour palette was standardised for consistent use on and off-screen.

Our eCommerce site process assessed the user profiles and the nuanced needs of customer groups.

Comprehensive site visuals were produced and jnwine.com was built and implemented by DeFacto Software.

The benefits of these exercises were clear: Confident and consistent, the refreshed JN Wine identity helped increase engagement and recognition.

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