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I is for Indie Spice Grill — Andy Henry Studio A-Z

I is for Indie Spice Grill. While going through my project archive, I realised that I’ve got a favourite project for every letter of the alphabet.

Indie Spice have enjoyed much success with their Belfast, and Dublin-area restaurants.

In 2016, I was commissioned to reposition their restaurant offering towards a younger, more health conscious customer.

The brand refresh enhanced Indie’s credentials by adding the healthy option ‘Grill’ to the name,

highlighting it’s dedication to authentic Indian style, and bringing their commitment to choosing sustainable ingredients of approved origins to the fore. These themes and trends are encapsualted in the new tagline ‘Totally India Locally’.

Research uncovered many wonderful traditions, and reminded us that the beautiful and iconic peacock is India’s national bird. There is an old Indian superstition: When the peacock’s tail is spread, rain is imminent. This became a symbolic connection between our Indian peacock and our rainy island of Ireland.

This conversational sense of storytelling extends to every Indie Spice Grill touchpoint.

As a Designer, I believe all wonderful teams should have a brand kit that enables storytelling and looks, feels and sounds worthy of your business. Only then can you convey the dedication, passion, and expertise of your team.

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